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Here is a sample of what we are currently working on. The real estate site is for M Streets Dallas. The realtor is showcasing the Tudor-style homes in an area of Dallas called the M Streets. He has several properties from the M Streets Dallas area on his site and is telling people about the M Streets Dallas real estate and available homes for sale.

M Streets Dallas

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I was speaking with a potential client a few weeks ago about his website. He had asked me to review his site, created with Wordpress, and make any suggestions that I felt were necessary.

Notice that I said he was a "potential" client. So, right away I was in a difficult situation.

I looked at his existing site and thought, "Uh oh, how does he ever get anyone to return?" I didn't want to come down too hard. I knew that he had asked a friend of his to put his site together. And I didn't want him to think that I was being overly critical just to get his business.

So I focused on one part of the site.

In this particular website, he was using a jpg image instead of text. When I asked him why he didn't format the page and use words instead of a picture, he told me that it was easier to create the image in Photoshop and then simply use the image as the page.

So what was he doing for his search engine ranking? He was killing it. I explained that search engines use robots to crawl over websites. And that these robots are able to pick out his keywords. And then I told him that robots are not able to pick out words from an image, at least not yet.

I suggested that he stop using the image to represent his complete page and at least add some verbiage so that the robots could "read" his page to some degree.

I noticed just the other day that the images were still in place.

I suspect that he will hire me soon to help him with his Google ranking. At that time, I can throw away the entire website and start over, this time doing it right.

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