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Here is a sample of what we are currently working on. The real estate site is for M Streets Dallas. The realtor is showcasing the Tudor-style homes in an area of Dallas called the M Streets. He has several properties from the M Streets Dallas area on his site and is telling people about the M Streets Dallas real estate and available homes for sale.

M Streets Dallas

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Searched for your website lately? How many hits were returned by Google? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

Well, you are definitely not alone.

So, how do you get your site listed on that first page? Are you paying some SEO guru your hard-earned bucks to get and maintain a high Google ranking? I'm sure that there are some good, no, great, SEO consultants who can produce results. But you should know that Google uses almost 200 different parameters when deciding upon the weight of their results. And the websites that are on the first page today can easily slide from view tomorrow.

But, you have to get noticed, right? And what can you do if you cannot rely upon a prestigious Google ranking?

Here’s a thought. Concentrate upon your customer.

Think about it. What did companies do in the time before Google? (Was there a time before Google? ) We created sales letters, brochures, and pamphlets. We relied upon the content to tell our story. And we hoped for word-of-mouth marketing.

It’s really not that different today.

Content is still king. At least it should be.

Let’s think about that for a moment with regards to our websites. Creating useful and compelling content will probably influence your website more than any other factor. Visitors are not stupid. They know good content when they see it. And when they find it, they will likely direct others to your site via blog posts, Twitter tweets, email messages, instant messages, text messages, and so on. This organic buzz is what really helps build your site’s reputation with visitors and with Google.

Now, let’s talk about some ways to improve upon your content.

(1) Write in an easy-to-read fashion. Visitors appreciate content that is well written. No one wants to wade through paragraphs of spelling errors. You can use some literary license when it comes to correct grammatical style, but don’t get too carried away. Use incorrect sentence structure just for an occasional effect.

(2) Organize your thoughts before publishing them to the web. You don’t want your visitors having to bounce around the page just to see you finish a thought. Use paragraphs and white space to your advantage.

(3) Select your words carefully. You might be the reigning expert about some new technology, but that doesn’t mean that your visitors will know every acronym. Selecting the correct words can also help your Google ranking, but don’t drown your visitors in the key words just to increase the word count.

(4) Remember when I said that content is king? Well, perhaps I should have said NEW content is king. You want your visitors coming back for more. So give them new stories, new information. And search engines absolutely love new content.

(5) Look for ways to have exclusive content. Maybe your brother’s best friend’s wife’s cousin knows someone famous in your line of work. Set up an interview and post it on your site. Run a contest. Take a poll and talk about the results. Try to write about something that is unique.

(6) And lastly, create your content for your target audience, the visitors. Do not write just for search engines. Your visitors will catch on and become annoyed. Using little search engine tricks can backfire on you in more ways than one.

Writing good copy is practically an art. But you don’t have to be a famous author to create great content. The best thing to do is to write from the heart. Insert your personality into the copy and you should soon see your visitor base start to grow.

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